SENES Oman provides a broad scope of services related to the atmospheric environment and the management of air, noise, odour, weather and meteorological resources. These include capacity building in air and noise quality management, the design and undertaking of air, odour, weather and noise quality odour monitoring programs; assessment of impacts on air / noise quality either on or by proposed projects including stationary and mobile sources; preparation, analysis and management of emission inventories; licence and permit applications; abatement technologies and associated costs; application, development and verification of computer models that simulate contaminant behaviour in the environment; and advice and expert testimony on a wide range of air quality matters.

  • Emissions estimates and inventory preparation
  • Outdoor and air door air quality monitoring
  • Air dispersion modelling
  • Odour and noise assessment and remediation
  • Air pollution control technologies, feasibility study and implementation
  • Meteorology
  • Weather forecasting