SENES Oman team members provide environmental services across a wide range of sectors, and specializes in work related to radioactivity. SENES team members provide specialty services on a range of projects involving NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material): projects pertaining to transportation, oil/gas industry, phospho-gypsum, waste management, mining, and rare earth facilities, radiation surveys, occupational exposures and assessments of NORM that trigger radiation alarms. SENES Oman clientele would include federal and international agencies / regulators, uranium mining companies, uranium refineries, fuel fabrication facilities, nuclear power plants laboratories, numerous industrial clients, and industry associations. SENES provides expertise in:

  • Radiation protection risk assessment;
  • Pathways analysis and dosimetry;
  • Air modelling for emergency response;
  • Dose reconstruction; and
  • Decommissioning / clean-up / disposal / waste management.