There is a global drive to reduce pollution while retaining commercial feasibility. It has therefore, become vitally important that all nations not only evaluate their own environmental impacts but act on that information to reduce emissions and guiding themselves toward lower impact technologies. Highly industrialized nations have the resources to be working towards this goal but many less industrialized nations lack the experience and technical skills necessary.

SENES Oman team members provide a broad scope of services related to building the capabilities and infrastructure necessary for nations to knowledgeably manage their industries in an environmentally friendly fashion. SENES services include capacity building across a spectrum of fields in air quality, water and waste management, toxics, risk assessment, environmental impact assessment, determination of priority substances, database management and others. Some key areas of assistance in institutional development include:

  • Developing and implementing new environmental policies, laws, strategies, and programs
  • Development and strengthening of local and community level organizations
  • Strengthening of local government public services
  • Strategic planning
  • Civil society capacity building
  • Environmental education and training
  • Training in risk assessment and management
  • Eco-governance